Our Diocesan

Suffragan Bishop Barrington E. Smith
Bishop Dr. Barrington E. Smith, D.D., M.C.ED, B.SC.

Father, Friend, Evangelist, Teacher, Preacher, Counsellor, Confidant, Intellectual are just a few of the adjectives that describe Dr. Barrington E Smith, Diocesan Bishop of the Canada District Council, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.  He carries a calm and cool confidence that brings a warm feeling to every environment he steps into.  He has a very engaging smile that has lifted many out of depression, ministering strength to those who are weak while giving hope to those that feel hopeless.

Dr. Barrington Smith is the founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Ministries, one of the most vibrant and fastest growing Pentecostal Churches, serving the Greater Toronto Area since December 1999. In just a few short years his inspiring messages and energetic anointing has touched and changed the hearts of many lives.  He was called to the ministry at a very early age and to this day remains an anointed man of God with a strong passion for the growth and development of God’s people.

In 2007, Bishop Smith with a delegation of eleven missionaries visited several orphanages in the Kenya, Africa.  He was instrumental in the provision of beds, clothing, food, shoes, food and other products to many orphans.  His travel took him through the slum areas, ministering and praying for many sick and dying.  To this day, he ensures that monthly financial support is sent to two of the orphanages there

Bishop Smith travels extensively for the ministry and otherwise.  His travel has taken him globally, to places like Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Italy, Spain, Africa and many Caribbean Islands.  Everywhere he goes, he is well received and he leaves a spiritual imprint in the lives of people over the world.

In December 2010, Dr. Smith authored and published his first book entitled “It’s for my good, surviving the storms of life”. In the first month since the publication of the book, it is receiving excellent reviews by those blessed to read what God had deposited in the mind of this man of God.  One reader wrote, “I cannot put this book down, it is a page turner, it has motivated me to go on when I felt like giving”. He has also authored several other publications.

Professionally Dr. Smith is an Accountant that has served the Re/max Organization as Financial Controller for over twenty five years.  He has obtained the following degrees: Doctorate in Divinity, Bachelor and Master in Christian Education and Bachelor of Science.  He is one of the three Directors of the Cornerstone Academy of Biblical Studies. In addition he has served as an Executive Board Member of Shiloh Christian Institute since 1993.

Dr. Smith is a native of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.  He is the son of the late Bishop Herbert Edward Smith and Lurty Adassa Smith, the youngest sibling to four brothers and four sisters.  In September 1989, Dr. Smith was united in marriage to Kareen Sandra Lancaster.  Their union has produced three children, Kandice, Charice and Dylan.